A Coffee Date


Friends, I am a firm believer one of the best things people can do is sit, talk and just be with one another. Throw in a good cup of coffee (or tea!), and it's pretty close to Heaven on Earth for me. And as much as I would love to have a coffee date with you on this frigid Tuesday morning, this will have to do for now...

If we were having coffee, I'd tell you about the She Reads Truth study, In Everything, Give Thanks, that just started and how I've been looking forward to it since I heard about it.  This time of year can get away from me (and maybe you too) if I don't make it a priority. For the past few weeks, I've started each morning with coffee and these devotionals, and I cannot begin to express what a blessing it has been

I'd also mention, no less than 17 times, how I can't believe we're into the latter half of November. Thanksgiving is next week. This is just my favorite time of year, but I always hate the accelerated pace life seems to take on between now and December 31. I would ask you if you have a way to slow it down, and in return, buy you another cup of coffee.

If we were having coffee, I'd ask you how you were. Truly. Though the season for merry and bright is right around the corner, life still happens and sometimes, life is dull and hard. I'd ask if there was anything I could do to serve you and pray for you.

If we were having coffee, chances are, I'd bring up our nephews and dogs a lot. And proceed to show you pictures you didn't ask to see...

Inevitably, Taylor Swift would get brought up. I cannot promise this would happen only once, but I would try to keep myself in check. I would make you question my sanity by telling you how close I was to losing it a few weeks ago (at work no less) when Ticketmaster thought it would be a good idea to have all the cities presales at the. same. time. It was awesome.

When our coffee date would come to an end, I would give you a big squeeze and ask for us to do this again soon!

Love you friends and I hope you have a wonderful, WARM Tuesday!

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