Five on Friday


Happy Friday before Thanksgiving y'all! This week has been delightfully cold which means it feels exactly as it should this time of year. My thoughts have revolved around turkey, Christmas decorations and just the sweet joy this time of year brings with it. 

one. Taylor Swift tickets. Enough said.

two. I am not one that does the whole dress up the dogs thing, but I could not resist getting our pups these Christmas bow ties! Girls can wear bow ties, right?

three. I started volunteering in a pilot program for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and I got to meet my awesome mentee this week! We've been exchanging emails for a little over a month, and getting to meet her in person confirmed she is one smart little girl with big in, she wants to go to Harvard. Now, since I myself never had such ambitions, I had to pull out my Gilmore Girls knowledge and offer some of the same advice Rory recieved about the ivy leagues. And they say television isn't educational...

four. As I mentioned here, the She Reads Truth Thanksgiving devotional is amazing. My mornings have been so peaceful and purposeful, which is maybe the best way ever to start the day. 

five. I know many may think I'm crazy, but this weather just makes me so happy. I think between now and December 31 needs to be cold and somewhat overcast so you are always thinking it could possibly snow. Also, I think winter accessories may be a love language for me.


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Brett Limoges said...

ahhh you lucky thing getting T Swift tickets! I've always wanted to go to ta show of hers, but also a slight bit scared because I know it will be a lot of screaming young girls (kinda like how i was back in the day at Nsync!). And your pup's bowties...too cute! happy to have found you from the link up!

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