Hello November


Hello to the month that...

...started 12 days ago and is rushing by as quickly as it arrived.

...brings shorter days and colder weather.

...makes it socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music and welcomes and encourages reflective moments of thankfulness.

...makes me giddy just thinking of all the goodness it brings. 

...has me over analyzing Christmas card designs and finalizing present ideas. 

...starts the wonderful overlap of football and basketball. 

...brings back the Starbucks Red Cup!

...reminds me to embrace everything this year has brought so far and to enjoy what is to come. 

Happy November...12 days in and all!


2 i love your comments!:

Suget said...

Happy Holidays!

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

We've been listening to Christmas music way before November, but there is something about November that just makes me even more excited about the holidays. I'm enjoying the shorter days as well as finally having some fall weather.

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