Maybe Christmas Means a Little Bit More


Advent. The coming. We're all making way for one of the most precious days of the year by cleaning our homes and filling up stockings. In all of the hustle and self proclaimed pressure, we prepare for everything this day is and isn't. And in all of the preparing and over abundant amount of merry and brights, we're all reminded we live in a hurting, temporary world.

Life can be messy and painful and, sometimes, straight up awful. And in this season of preparing room and joyful noises, the mess and the pain are magnified, and the lights don't twinkle and shine; they glare.


Christ is here. In the hustle, the hurt, He is here. He is what we're preparing for.

It's easy to miss Christmas. With the loud commercials, Pinterest-induced feelings of failure and the constant reminder that life is happening in the midst of the bows, we can get lost. Silent nights turn into chaotic races and we forget to take pause. To be still. To remember that Christmas is more than the manger; it's the cross.

There have not been enough words created to heal the wounds, but at the cross, there were wounds created to heal.

Don't let Christmas escape you. Don't let bitterness and pain prevent you from seeing the gift that was given to each of us all of those years ago. All the things you are longing for this season (joy, peace, hope, love), they are here. He is here.

Make the final weeks of this year count. Look for the opportunities to serve, to bless, to find joy. Choose to see the blessings and joy despite everything this world is doing to hide them. There is no formula for the "perfect" Christmas. Life and families don't stop being messy in the final four weeks of the year, and there is no reason to expect that to happen. Boxes can be made pretty with shiny paper and enough tape, but I don't think that will work on any member of your family (but should you try, let me know how it goes).

What will work, though? Choosing to be ridiculously thankful you have a family to celebrate and spend time with. Despite the mess or potential drama; it's family. They are the biggest opportunity we have to live out Christ's love.

I started this post with some pictures of our living room...I had no idea this is where it would go, but here we are. It is my sincerest hope and prayer each of you feel and know that love and grace is here today and every day. That in this dwindling month, hope is growing and time is being taken to pause and remember miracles happen anywhere. Love was born in a manger and can meet you wherever you are.


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Unknown said...

Maggie, That was perfect. Merry Christmas.

JessiwaB said...

Thank you for this reminder. I needed it.

short stack said...

love love love <3

short stack said...

right as i was typing that, a mosquito bit my pinky

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