Avoiding the Challenge


Earlier this week, I discovered a foolproof formula. If one combines homemade French Toast, chai tea and an episode or two of Gilmore Girls, one can achieve a near perfect morning.  I'm sure when I was younger, I thought there was no way adults could enjoy snow (or ice in this case) days nearly as much as kids. Well, news to my younger self, one could argue adult snow days are not only more enjoyable, but far more necessary.

I often joke, with serious undertones, I could teach a course in how to relax. For some reason, many of my friends and coworkers find this a difficult feat. Don't get me wrong. I am very supportive of a productive days at home, and this ice day is no different.  Laundry was done and the kitchen was cleaned, and before the day was over, the Dyson made an appearance. However, I also believe if you have the opportunity to watch Gilmore Girls and to force a blog post, you should take it sans any sort of guilt.

Oh, you're wondering about the "force a blog post" bit? (For the sake of this post, pretend you were.) I don't want to use the overly used term of "writers block" because that would insinuate I was at least trying to write. The truth of the matter is, I've gotten into the habit of actively avoiding it all together. Sure, some of it is the crazed days at work, and the more often than not rushed evenings at home. But more than anything, it's because sometimes I don't feel up to the challenge. If words aren't coming easily, than why force it? If witty, thought provoking posts are no where to be found, why should I go looking for them? Why in the world, do I think this should be a piece of cake? My guess is the great wordsmiths of the world didn't become great in the waiting. They became great by writing.

Sometimes, life is loud and uncomfortable. Chaos is prevalent and words seem scarce, but the thing about writing is it doesn't ask for perfect circumstances. 

Dean Smith once said "There is a point in every contest when sitting on the sidelines is not an option." Now, what I know about this legendary coach is a fraction of what is left learn, but what I do know is this; he left a legacy that exceeds the four corners of the court. If I want to ever be considered a writer, in the most liberal of ways, I need to realize the desire to write grows from actually writing. Beauty can be found in the waiting, however, words may be harder to find. 

In short, this post is nothing more than my jumbled up thoughts somewhat coherently put into writing. If you made it this far, bravo. I leave you with this encouragement...

be more than you are.

be more than someone teaching defensive sets and offensive transitions.

be someone that invests in those around you.

be more than what you do.



January Thoughts


New years are great. They can symbolize bright and shiny things and fresh starts. Who doesn't want that? I support it just as much as the next person, but here's the thing; the fresh start you're wanting? You can get it every day, week and month. You don't have to wait to toss an entire calendar into the recycling bin before getting that newness you are craving.

As I write this it's the first Monday of a new month (I feel the need to clarify this as it may not be by the time in hit the "Publish" button). A month waiting for your effort and desire. I want to approach every day and month with the same hope and dedication January gets. I mean, a lot of pressure gets put on to the first month of the year. Resolutions to change years worth of habits in four weeks. Four weeks of short, dreary winter days. If you can find motivation in those conditions, I applaud you. However, as the saying goes, if you're waiting for the perfect moment, you'll spend your whole life waiting.
"Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland." - Isaiah 43:18-19
Fresh starts and new beginnings are not dictated by the calendar or your current situation. God does not demand a certain amount of time to past before making all things new. He asks only that you forget the things that could weigh you down, recognize what He's giving you and trust. The last one? By far the hardest for me.

Sometimes, fresh starts begin in the desert and wasteland, and though this does not diminish where you're going, trust in the trial is almost never my first instinct. I may say I have faith and I'm trusting in the path the Lord has laid in front of me, but more often than not, my spirit is looking for every other available option.

January was an odd month for me at work, with a lot of unexpected news and unanticipated transitions.  I'll lay partial blame for my lack of presence on that (sounds better than writers block or laziness), but with a pretty spectacular to do list to work on and finalize, I'm excited to start this fresh month of February.

And while odd at work, January was pretty great in every other way. My iPhone has the evidence to prove it!

left: waiting for Eric Church//babysitting the cutest boy in the world
center:celebrating Alisha's 30th with a mellow mushroom man//girls night out//a great book and pretty cup of coffee
right: spontaneous road trip resulting in a visit from the aforementioned cutest boy//Eric Church in Nashville!

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