May Recap & June Goals


You know, in a world that is ever changing, I could say the whooshing sound the months make as they go by is a constant I'm thankful for.

However, that would be a lie, and I'm all about honesty. So, here we are in June and I'm still trying to wrap my head around what went down the 31 days of May.

Welcome to my world.

In my work world, the best and only way to describe it would be "chaotic." If I'm feeling extra creative, I'd throw "overwhelming" in the mix, too. In my "real" (loosely used) world, it was much less dramatic and overall, pretty awesome.

May consisted of...

...the girls taking me on a walk around Lake Wylie for Mother's Day...

...having my last meeting with my little sister before summer, and being gifted with this awesome drawing...
me or's a toss up

...spending time at my grandparents and enjoying the beauty that is their land...

...a weekend in Boone with my lovely and wonderful mama...

...River Jam date night at the White Water Center...

...and finally starting this book!


In January, I wrote the following words:
"Fresh starts and new beginnings are not dictated by the calendar or your current situation. God does not demand a certain amount of time to pass before making all things new. He asks only that you forget the things that could weigh you down, recognize what He's giving you, and trust."
Many times I find myself focusing on the rush of all rather than the presence of it all. I forget moments make up the days that form the years. I overlook the small trying to see the big instead of being actively...still. January lends itself to pushing reset, but why not June? Or August? Or tomorrow.

The "good ole' days" are happening today. I have to remind myself to pause, even if just for a moment, and realize the weight of it all.

I had an epiphany when I was in Boone with my mom; this was my opportunity to show the woman that raised me the place I grew up. Though she came to Boone a few times while I was there, it's different to go back now that I am an "adult." I don't want to miss those epiphanies. I don't want to be blase about the moments making potential memories, that they're over before I realize they began.

So this is my June reset. I will make the promises and be intentional and appreciate the gift that is the day and the newness of the half year. I will make my "30 Before 30" more than an afterthought. I am going to out on a limb here and say I will be able to cross off at least three items and assign dates to five others that need some advanced planning.

Small steps, people.


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