God's Love Song


This Christmas has arrived like so many others before it - fast.

Its arrival seems as shocking to me as always. It's a day that once seemed to take ages to arrive to one I attempt, mostly in vain, to prolong it's arrival. As quickly as it arrives, it's gone even faster.

It is a day many of us try to create, but Christmas cannot be created nor can it be bought or made.

Christmas is more than the weather (can I get an amen?) or the number of presents beneath the tree.

Christmas is God's love song to us.

The night His Son was sent to this Earth. Not to be celebrated, but to die. For us.

Each year we have the opportunity to celebrate the grace and love sent to this Earth so many years ago. A king that became a baby. A Lord that became a Savior.

What a gift. A gift so many of us lose in the hustle and bustle. A gift we should be expectant of, but allow expectations to override the longing.

The looking.

The pausing.

Pause and look, truly look, at the multitude of blessings making up our lives. The blessings that are often easily taken for granted. Look around at those you love and who love you.

Christmas is easy to get lost in - the bows, the carols, the glitter. But what about what Christmas is truly about. The babe that left His throne and gave up everything for me. For you.

Don't let the Nativity scene be just a scene. See it. Mary, Joseph, Jesus. See them, as the people they were and are. The realness of their respective sacrifices.

My truest hope for all is a joyful Christmas, but sometimes, joy can be hard to find. In those times, my hope is, in the midst of the aforementioned hustle and bustle, you find peace. However, in spite of all we try to manufacture this time of year, we're still real people with real emotions and sometimes the 364 days before were real hard.

Be sad, but be present. Squeeze tight and let go. Enjoy the bows, the carols, and even the glitter (in moderation of course). Even if you're wondering how you're going to survive the next few days, remember the reason for it all. Remember the young girl who had no idea how she would do what was asked of her. The man who had to take an angel at it's word and believe everything that was about to happen was bigger than he could fathom.

Above all, remember the screaming infant. The infant who was the King of Kings and took on flesh and blood. Push away the glitter and bows. Turn down the carols. Turn to Him. He has come for you, asking for nothing, but your presence.

Merry Christmas Eve to all!


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