30 Before 30!

1. Pop a champagne bottle DONE! - December 31, 2014

2. Shoot a gun DONE!

3. Take a ballet class

4. Paint a picture DONE!

5. Sing in public

6. Cook something new/complex

7. Do 10 random acts of kindness

8. Go somewhere in North Carolina I've never been (suggestions welcomed!)

9. Go camping

10. Learn a Taylor Swift and Christmas song on guitar

11. Play paintball

12. Go four-wheeling

13. Write a letter each month

14. Read 10 books off the Rory Gilmore book list

15. Pay off half of our debt

16. Plant a small garden...and keep it alive -- IN PROGRESS!

17. Batting cages

18. Go on a picnic (or two!)

19. Have a "girls night out" every month

20. Have six date nights at six different, new (to us) restaurants in Charlotte

21. Visit family members for no reason at all

22. Climb a mountain

23. Go kayaking or stand up paddle boarding DONE!

24. Get published

25. Try rock climbing (via a wall)

26. Take a mother/daughter trip DONE

27. Have pictures taken of me and Andrew and the pups

28. Do one thing that terrifies me

29. Plan and host a dinner party

30. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up

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