Hi...I'm Maggie and this blog is my chance to articulate my random thoughts and life adventures in the written word.

So, me in a nutshell...

+ I love Jesus, my husband, our dogs, family and friends more than I can ever express. 

+ I get crazy cranky when I'm hungry and/or tired.

+ I get really, really attached to characters in books.  Like, to the extent that when the book is over, I feel something that looks a lot like sadness.

+ I consider our dogs the perfect substitute for real kids for the time being.

+ Anytime something medical happens in real life, I usually say, "that happened in Grey's Anatomy one time."  I also comment about how no doctor I've had or have seen looks like McDreamy.

+ I take a lot of pictures. Like, a whole lot.

+ I get told I look like Taylor Swift...a lot. I never agree.

+ And though I don't ever agree on the opinion of my looks, I believe my feelings on Taylor Swift are somewhat abnormal.

+ I will ignore all means of communication during Carolina basketball games.

+ I love Christmas.

+ I workout is so I can eat more.

+ I do not love confrontation and try to avoid it at all cost.

+ Despite hating confrontation, I will stand up for what I believe and don't back down without a fight of some sort.

+ Even though I don't love running, I trained for a half marathon.

+ I have a tendency to ramble on and on even after whatever my original point has been made.

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